Ritualize Rest Bonnet and Mask Bundle

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Secure your strands as you sleep with our first single-colored offering, a bright pink hue that shines as bright as the aspirations you dream of as you drift off. Crafted with Mulberry silk, which safeguards your hair from breakages, knots, and split ends, our dual-lined bonnet bears our signature motto, "Ritualize Rest," a gentle reminder to make space for self-care in your daily grind. Our elastic band guarantees a comfortable yet firm fit.

This bonnet is paired with our Mulberry Silk Ritualize Rest Sleep Mask, designed to provide a cocoon of softness around your eyes, creating the perfect environment for deep and uninterrupted slumber. The smooth, breathable fabric gently caresses your skin, promoting relaxation as it effortlessly blocks out light, ensuring your restorative sleep remains undisturbed.

This bundle makes a great stocking stuffer or secret Santa gift.