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Wind down with the harmonious blend of our stylish sleepwear and exclusive Slumber Sounds.

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What Our Customers SAY

The Sorrel Slumber Suit

"I love it so much. It's so comfy!"


The sorrel relax wrap & sleep mask

They are truly so comfortable and make me feel fancy!


The Fuchsia Utopia Slumber Suit

The nicest PJ's I ever had! [My husband] loved the gold color pop and the print.



Named one of 22 Best PJs for Bridesmaids by Brides Magazine

Size S

Especially fitting for island weddings, the viscose satin feels divine and the contrasting cuffs add an extra pop of finesse to your bridal party’s look. -Brides Magazine

Experience Ultimate Comfort with the Bissap Slumber Suit by Melda Moda! 

Featured in Brides Magazine's 2024 list of The 22 Best Bridesmaid Pajama Sets for Getting Ready on the Big Day, the Bissap Slumber Suit combines luxury and elegance for any occasion.

Whether you're planning a "PJs all day" kind of day with a movie marathon, indulging in a romance novel, or preparing for pre-wedding photos, this silky-satin two-piece set is perfect for every moment. The smooth, luxurious material feels incredible against your skin, making relaxation a true pleasure.

Slip into the Bissap Slumber Suit and elevate your lounging experience. Ideal for bridesmaids, it’s also perfect for anyone who loves to relax in style.


  • Notched collar
  • Long sleeves
  • Chest pocket
  • Concealed button placket


  • Elasticized waistband
  • Side pockets 


You'll receive access to one of our Slumber Sounds, an exclusive, guided sleep meditation when you purchase this Slumber Suit.


We partnered with Jo, an East African pattern designer to create this digital interpretation of dried sorrel leaves used to make a drink known as sorrel in the Caribbean during the holidays. We were thrilled to discover a version of the beverage during a visit to Accra, Ghana, where it is known as bissap. 


  • Made from viscose satin
  • Wash on gentle cycle
  • Hang dry

    A Note From our founder

    Before the pandemic, I loved putting together outfits. When the stay at home orders hit, I found myself in drab sweats and old tee shirts. Eventually, I started dreaming about haute home clothes. That’s when Melda Moda was born.

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