Melda and Melissa at Coney Island Beach in the late 1980s.Melda and Melissa at Coney Island Beach in the late 1980s.

New outfits can be a powerful tool to motivate people to start a new habit, like getting new gym clothes to begin working out regularly. We hope that having beautiful sleepwear to change into will inspire you to wind down, relax and make rest a nightly ritual.

Our prints are inspired by our founder's life as a millennial woman raised by Caribbean immigrants in Brooklyn, New York.

Melda Moda is named for our founder's childhood babysitter and second mom. Melda was a seamstress with a closet filled with printed A-line dresses and brightly colored pants that she made while playing calypso, country, R&B and soul music on her record player.

Our clothing is made in small batches. The Utopia Collection was manufactured at a factory committed to fostering an inclusive work environment and providing its employees with fair and timely wages.

Melda Moda is a Black woman-owned business based in New York City.